Let the Logic of Opposites Begin…

After over a decade of gentle prodding from my wife I am finally diving into the blogiverse. Seemed only right that my new blog would have her incorporated into the name, hence The Logic of Opposites is born.

I have shared the last twenty years (half my life) with Kristina with a “K” and all this time together we have generally viewed things from opposite viewpoints. Let me clarify a bit, we are politically, spiritually, socially, and morally on the same page. What I mean is we approach situations, obstacles, and even everyday life from different angles. She sees the glass half full and I see it half empty, cliche intended. I feared turning thirty, she soared.

So this blog will be a reflection of my travels through this life of ours, with a gentle sprinkling of her influence for comedic effect. Some posts my be long rants (I’ve been known to talk a lot) and others may consist of a single image. You’ll just need to check in to see which way I decide to go.

Photo from Unsplash


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